GATHER Guest House

2 bed-UP

This room is perfect for guests that prefer quality over quantity.  Two twin beds, with nothing but a nightstand standing between you and those late night chat fests!  This room is next to the sitting area and closest to the steps that take you down to the creative studio! 

2 bed Triangle-UP

This room is for the two folks who need a little extra room to spread out.  If one of you is a late-night reader and the other likes to go to sleep early, this room will suit you well. 

3 bed window-UP

If a room with a view is what you’re after, this space is perfect.  Three twin beds line the long wall with street views for all to enjoy!

3 bed-UP

If bathroom access is important to you, then this 3 bed space should be your top choice.  While the 2 full baths and separate vanity area are close to all the rooms, this one is literally three steps away!  

1-2 bed-MAIN

If stairs are difficult for you, or if  a wheel chair or walker limit your movement, you will be comfortable and at home in this cozy 1-2 bed suite.  With your own private bath meeting ADA requirements, we can set you up with one or two twin beds depending on your groups’ needs.

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