Wanna turn your unused crafting supplies into cold, hard CASH?

  • It’s easy! You set your price and we’ll sell it for you!
  • You print your own tags on the template we provide.
  • You earn 75% of each sale.
  • You have a second chance to sell your unsold products on day-two at NOON when all items go 1/2 price.

Why Sell at GATHER’S Destash 4 Cash Sale?

Because after paying a small $10 registration fee, you can sell up to 50 items and earn 75% of all your items sold! 75% is way above the consignment fee standard!

  • Complete stamp sets in clear boxes

  • Single stamps in clear plastic bags

  • Full rolls of ribbon in plastic bags

  • Ink pads in plastic bags

  • Crafting tools: brayers, heat guns, etc.

  • Die cuts

  • Full packs of yardstick

  • Bound packages of scrapbook paper

  • Embossing folders

  • Heat embossing items

  • Organizing items

  • Embellishments

  • Colored pencils, markers and crayon SETS in containers

  • Scissors of all types in plastic bags or sheaths

  • Jewelry items

  • Jewelry tools

  • Beads in containers or bags

  • Memory wire, elastic, beading strings in new containers

  • Findings in new packaging

  • Yarn skeins

  • Knitting and crochet tools

  • Old magazines

  • Catalogs

  • Old crafting books

  • Any items with odors

  • Any items that are dirty, dusty or faded

There are two options for your unsold items.

1) PICK UP during designated times on Saturday 3pm to 5pm or Sunday 10am to 11am


If you choose to donate your unsold items you may indicate this on your registration form or just not show up on Sunday, May 5 by 11 am.  

**Any items not picked up by 11am will be donated.


  • Yes.  Your items may be new or used.  All that we ask is that all your  items and their packaging be clean. 

  • No items that smell of smoke or odors will be accepted.

  • Please make sure that all parts and pieces are included.

  • No broken or partial items may be sold.

  • The beauty of selling your items at GATHER is you choose how much you want for each of your items.

  • We will provide you with a printable template for pricing your items.

  • All tags use be attached to the OUTSIDE of your box or bag.

  • Please DO NOT use stickers.  They are too difficult to remove.

  • Each item, bag or package must have its own EASILY REMOVABLE tag.

  • ALL items will go HALF PRICE at NOON on SATURDAY.

** Overpriced items won’t typically sell

** eBay prices are not what shoppers are looking to pay.

  • Sturdy white cardstock would be my first choice but typing paper and colored card stock will also work.

  • Please do NOT use labels.  They are difficult to remove from sold items.

  • Every item MUST have a price tag to be sold.

  • Your seller number ONLY will appear on one side of your tag and the item name and price on the other side. 

  • If only one side of the price tag will be visible (like on a pack of appear), please make sure the side with “ITEM & PRICE” are showing

  • All price tags should be attached with tape or safety pins (no stick pins)

  • If using tape, please only tape HALF of the price tag of your item for easy removal at sale time.

**The goal is to make sure the tag is securely fastened to the item, thus reducing the risk of it becoming detached during the sale.

Please bring up to 50 saleable items in totes or boxes that you will take with you when done unloading.  You will bring these boxes back for unsold item pickup.  As you unload you will be placing your items in designated areas within GATHER.  

Drop-off times are:

WEDNESDAY, May 1, 2019 from 9am – noon

THURSDAY, May 2, 2019 from 9am – noon and 5pm – 7pm


You will be able to unload your vehicle from the GATHER parking lot.  Enter GATHER under the deck at the door on the right.  There will be NO entry through the Main Street door.

All unsold items will be sorted for you and will need to be picked up during the designated UNSOLD PICKUP times:

Saturday, May 4. 3pm – 5pm

Sunday, May 5 10am – 11am

Items not picked up by 11am on Sunday, May 5 will be donated.

Your check will be available after the sale during unsold item pickup.

You will receive a check for 75% of your sales at UNSOLD ITEMS PICKUP

If you choose to donate your UNSOLD items we will mail your check to you at the address designated on your registration form.

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Complete the registration below and pay the non-refundable $10 registration fee if you are interested in participating.  Thank you for your interest in the sale!

Destash 4 CASH Application

$10 non-refundable registration fee payment

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