2020 Hosted Weekends / Retreats

Call or text Susan at 608-520-2717 with any questions.


JANUARY 31 TO FEBRUARY 2 – NO FRILLS RETREAT                    $100/person

GATHER is the perfect place to wash away the winter blues.  Save your space today for this weekend getaway where you decide what you will do every minute of your stay!  No schedule to follow, no-one telling you when to eat, just YOU, your crafting supplies and your PJs!  No meals included but you will be asked to bring a dessert or appetizer to share and can choose to participate in the meal share if you choose.  NO FRILLS retreats will increase to $125/person in 2021.


APRIL 3 TO APRIL 5 – SOLO CUP RETREAT                                      $150/Person

This is the retreat I have been planning in my head for a year now.  If it can be served in a solo cup, it will be.  Solo cup games WITH prizes!!, solo cup food and of course, solo cup dancing!!!  Be here to join in on all the fun!


MAY 15 TO MAY 17 – FANCY FOLDS RETREAT                               $200/person

It was a hit in 2019, so we’re doin it again in 2020 with ALL NEW FOLDS and PROJECTS!!  If you are a paper craft lover, this weekend will THRILL you to pieces!!  All supplies included with the exception of adhesives and scissors!


SEPTEMBER 18 TO SEPTEMBER 20 – NO FRILLS RETREAT           $100/person

NO FRILLS RETREATS sell out quickly because they are a STEAL!  GATHER only does them twice a year and this will be the last one at only $100/ person. (Just a heads up, 2021 will increase to $125). Everyone will be asked to bring a dessert or appetizer and part of a meal, but I (Susan) do absolutely no work on NO FRILLS weekends.  I craft right alongside of you!!



This is another themed retreat I have been thinking about for a while.  I LOVE to get free stuff and hope you do too!  This is the perfect getaway for you to relax and get your “craft on”. Everyone will go home with something EXTRA special that they have picked out from the prize table.  Hmmmm….What will be on the prize table?  You have to be here to find out!  Join us!!!!


DECEMBER 11 TO DECEMBER 13 – SANTA BABIES.                       SOLD OUT

This will be our THIRD YEAR in a row for the SANTA BABIES Retreat!  It sells out almost immediately, but every once and a while a spot may open up.  What’s so fun about the SANTA BABIES Retreat?  If I told you, I’d have to silence you….It’s THAT FUN!!  SO MANY GIGGLES your guts will ache!!

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